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Hey-You Have a Leak in Your Bucket!

Are you a rain barrel or a sieve? Ever see a rain barrel; it doesn't fill itself, it has to have a flow come to it. When full, there's plenty of water, sometimes to overflowing. But if you put a sieve on the same drain spout, the water would just leak out all over and never be there for you or for anyone else's use. Are you like that? God is flowing all the time, but you're never full of His love, joy, peace, forgiveness, gentleness etc. It's like you have a leak in your bucket. And you know what, God is so very wise. He never wastes anything and He's certainly not stupid. Oh, you'll get His mercy, alright but He won't pour His blessings into a bucket with holes in it! Disobedience to His directions (modern way of saying SIN), is the hole in your bucket. Stop poking holes with your disobedience. And stop whining that it's too hard, or that you didn't understand. Read the play book (Bible), listen to the referee (Jesus) when He calls the foul

Dude-You're in a Sexual Sewer and Don't Know It!

Author Philip Yancey once wrote, "A society that denies the supernatural usually ends up elevating the natural to the supernatural status." No truer words!!   Young people today practically worship their icons in music, TV, movies and sports. What they don't know, is that they're trying to fill a vacuum in their souls that only God can fill. Hey, I hear you laughing out there...hold it down. It's true, whether you like it or not.   An area of concern and rapid change is is idolized to the point that many young boys think sex is what you do to show power and control or to be coolest kid (or whatever your word for "cool" is). And sadly, many of our girls just think they are a piece of meat for the boys to do with as they want, in order to be liked and accepted. Unfortunately, their books, movies, music often reflect the sewer level of sex instead of the sacred level it should be.   The songs have gone from "I Wanna Hold Your Hand

I believe in tolerance...except with YOU!

Are people drinking crazy juice or something? Twitter, name it. All sorts of comments and stuff that make ZERO sense! Knock it off...get back to your work out!   People go busting windows, knocking people down, cutting them, beating them up and kicking them, all the while calling the poor slob on the ground who's head is being beaten in a "fascist". Is this a bad nightmare? What the heck!!   Really? Screaming for free speech for themselves but totally blocking others. That ain't gonna work. Nothing but bad times ahead if that doesn't stop.   So, whutchu lookin' at...just standing there. Where's your prayer life for wisdom as to what to say or do? Where's your random acts of kindness, your volunteering in a local school or at a local hospital. Just think...if people were so busy helping others (or working), they wouldn't have time to be out splitting open the heads of those with which they disagree.   And you snowflak

It's the Morality, Stupid!

There is a lot going on in our country and our world. Three devastating hurricanes, one of which I had to endure here in Tampa; threats to many nations, including our own from the despots, the deranged and those out to destroy.  But in looking at the root of all these evils, too many seem to chasing rabbits...religious ideation, political affiliation, gun control etc.  All of the those are influential in many ways, but I think we may be missing the point. It's the morality, stupid!!! I am repeating here, what I posted on Facebook...It seems to me, that over 50 years of this country not having prayer and Bible in the schools, our culture inundated in a media system full of nudity, crudity and violence, the acceptance of abortion on demand as commonplace, the growing anti-conservative fever gripping many, the seeming aversion to the absolute necessity of the basic family structure and the cherry picked, propaganda filled history being jammed down the throats of our vulnerable

What a God We Serve

Geez, can get hectic sometime. What a ride it's been. Went hiking on the Appalachian Trail last week and came back with an aggravated sciatic nerve problem. All in God's good timing, I'll be back out in the fight. In the meantime, I'm going a bit slower...and that includes my blog. So, hang we go again!   Ever notice that God seems a reluctant intervener? He moves with what seems to us, in agonizing slowness. Jesus had this "selective intervention" too. He wasn't a walking cure dispenser but rather every miracle was given as a sign of God's will; a word picture in our lives.   When He told the world that true worshippers would worship Him in Spirit and in truth, He was re-defining "church". That statement took God's presence out of a building and put it into us, His people. Priests and temples had served their purpose, harbingers of what was to come. He never intended for His people to sit under stifling r
I'm a bit late in getting this out. My sister Barbara and her husband Joe have been visiting from Atlanta. They are both retired and are trying to teach me how to relax...not working...oh, well! Just wanted to remind any of you sissy pants out there, that in all likelihood, you're gonna get up today and then lie back down tonight (Lie, lay...whatever, don't have a grammar freak out!). What happens between point A and B is, for the most part, not in your control. But the path you take through it is. You're either going to groan and moan, fumbly bumbling by yourself, depending on your feelings or what you think or what you want. Joke's on you. May you be reminded that what you got from Adam (remember him?) is a broken thinker, feeler and wanter! You can use the broken part of you (don't try this at home) or, if Christ is in you, you can use the perfect parts in Jesus...the perfect mind (the Father), the perfect will (the Son) and the perfect emotions (
Hey--wake up!! Time for that Crossfit workout for your soul.  Look--we all have problems, unless of course you live in a fantasy world like the kids' movie, Lion King, that came out years ago. In that movie they sang the song that said, "Gut not worries, mahn, it's a problem free philosophy, Hakunah Mattatah." Yeah, right. In the real world you're constantly surrounded by worries and challenges. Not too much a problem free existence, heh? So how can you enter the "rest" of God when the wart hog keeps singing that fantasy song in your head as you slog through life? Well, you won't be able to, because that song is not true. It's not what's around you that gives you life, strength, joy etc. It's what's IN you that does, that is, if that thing in you is Jesus. God tells us to trust HIM to show you the way to go; and that is the true rescue from the deepest well. Our error is that we try to "rest in Him" only when the world
All right team...get ready for another workout!  Just because the Lord is in your head doesn't mean He is in your heart! That's just information, not transformation. Many people do acknowledge His existence (isn't that nice of them). But that only means they know about Him, they don't really "know" Him.  Do you really know Jesus? Have you taken that one precious moment in time to bend the knee of your heart and acknowledge that you just might be wrong and He is right? Have you asked for His forgiveness and invite His perfect nature to come inside of you? You may get pretty frustrated not being able to meet His standard, but could that be because you are trying to do the "God thing" with the broken "Adam nature". Ain't going to work, dar-dar!  Switch out your religion for relationship...get Him out of your head and let Him slip into your heart. He loves you so much...for real! He wants to be your closest friend, not just some acqua

Listen up class...

Having trouble forgiving? Having trouble disciplining yourself, loving the unlovable; failing in your marriage, at your business, with your kids? Of course you are. You're trying to do a "God" thing with a "goofy" thing...YOU. We were all born with a broken nature because of what Adam did, so stop wagging your finger at God. He's not the bad guy here. He actually loves you, even when other don't. He wants you for His own and will chase you til the end of your days. I suggest you don't wait that long, because He really wants to help you here, so you won't stumble bumble your way into hell. Yes, I said hell. A real place and a real consequence of not doing the Crossfit for your soul! But let's not go there (forgive the pun!). You can't fix what's broken, only He can...duh, so let Him in. He won't force Himself on you, nope...invite only, and you have to do the inviting. He wrote a best seller too. It's called the Bibl

Here we go a blog started. Stay tuned for some comments, opinions, truths of life.  For starters, I just wanted to tell this generation of young people that you've been robbed. Not all of you, but a lot more than in my generation. You've been told anything goes, what you think is right is what is right. Brilliant...try playing a game of football with no foul lines, play book or ref. It would be chaos in minutes. And yet, we are asking our young people to play the most important game of all...the game of life without any edges, directions or safety barriers. Yeah right, how's that working out for ya'?  Oh well, more to come when it's not so late at night. Hope you are happy and well or at least on your way to that. It's worth the effort, at least in this country. God bless America.