I believe in tolerance...except with YOU!

Are people drinking crazy juice or something? Twitter, Facebook...you name it. All sorts of comments and stuff that make ZERO sense! Knock it off...get back to your work out!
People go busting windows, knocking people down, cutting them, beating them up and kicking them, all the while calling the poor slob on the ground who's head is being beaten in a "fascist". Is this a bad nightmare? What the heck!!
Really? Screaming for free speech for themselves but totally blocking others. That ain't gonna work. Nothing but bad times ahead if that doesn't stop.
So, whutchu lookin' at...just standing there. Where's your prayer life for wisdom as to what to say or do? Where's your random acts of kindness, your volunteering in a local school or at a local hospital. Just think...if people were so busy helping others (or working), they wouldn't have time to be out splitting open the heads of those with which they disagree.
And you snowflakes out there that faint at the word "gun" and gnash your teeth at the word "police officer". When someone is bashing in your windows or trying to steal your car...who you gonna call...the local Twitter king! Puhleese!
Get a grip, get your heart right with God in Christ, live your life treating others as you want to be treated and leave others alone. Different doesn't always mean wrong and disagreeing doesn't always mean that YOU'RE the one who's right. And, sadly, some will call me a bigot for that.
The great thing though, is that God is kind and good and just. He is in charge, is not on vacation and gives everyone ample time to stop living in their lies and come to Him.
Now, break is over...get back to your crunches!


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