It's the Morality, Stupid!

There is a lot going on in our country and our world. Three devastating hurricanes, one of which I had to endure here in Tampa; threats to many nations, including our own from the despots, the deranged and those out to destroy. 
But in looking at the root of all these evils, too many seem to chasing rabbits...religious ideation, political affiliation, gun control etc.  All of the those are influential in many ways, but I think we may be missing the point. It's the morality, stupid!!!
I am repeating here, what I posted on Facebook...It seems to me, that over 50 years of this country not having prayer and Bible in the schools, our culture inundated in a media system full of nudity, crudity and violence, the acceptance of abortion on demand as commonplace, the growing anti-conservative fever gripping many, the seeming aversion to the absolute necessity of the basic family structure and the cherry picked, propaganda filled history being jammed down the throats of our vulnerable students by liberal dominated ideologues have done more damage than any gun ever could. Those changes are killing the basic foundation needed to provide a thriving, healthy, full life for 320 million people and the dreams of a nation.
There, done. Deal with it. Told you this was a tough workout.


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