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Alone But Not Lonely

 I'm going to continue sharing some of the wise things God has me share with others in replying to their cry for help. If it helps others, it just might help you... Years ago, I asked the Lord why so many jerks and miserable people came across my path. He told me I couldn't learn to love the unlovable unless they were right there in front of me. And believe me, I've had lots of practice. And sometimes, in a search for a friend or close relationship, people will compromise their belief system or even their spiritual foundation, just to have someone around. It's not good to act one way to attract someone and then not be the real you. Rather, just relax. Being alone doesn't have to mean being lonely. Keep developing your best in Christ. Stop looking to the details of your life to give you peace and happiness. Ain't gonna happen, people!  And you surely don't want to be in a close relationship or want to be married if you're still bleeding all over the place

Take That Hill, Soldier!!

 In a recent conversation with a Veteran friend, some wisdom actually flew out of my mouth! Must have been God, if it was wise!! I always did say, "Your best day with when I'm not me!" So I thought I'd share this with you, I said... "Your road is tougher than many, but will make you stronger. When the snowflakes faint to the side, we'll be able to keep going. Breathe, let God's perfect flow come from you today, not the hurt, 'you owe me', imperfect part come forth. Fight it with all your might. Our greatest battles are with ourselves, not others. God is with you." That may have been hard for that person to hear, but they totally agreed, noting that the ego is the problem ( E dging G od O ut). That Vet went on to say that humility, through service and sacrifice to others is key. Easier said than done! get up and get going. No crying and whimpering, Buttercup! Just do it.

Where Did Everybody Go?

 Geesh-with COVID-19 closing down our lives, are you feeling a bit lonely or isolated? Many people are. It is causing emotional distress, often leading to physical distress. So what are YOU doing...popping pills, living life on your laptop screen, gaining weight, losing contact with the rest of humanity? Why? Where is your foundation? If you built it on theories, ideas, broken're lost and lonely, for sure. If your life is built on the Lord, there is a way out, a hope for the future. I'm not talking about "religion" here, they are a dime a dozen, so to speak. I'm talking about a real  relationship, with a real  God. Have you taken a moment of time in your life to "have a little talk with Jesus"? A talk where you humbly, yeah dude and dudette, humbly come before Him. Admit you don't know it all, that you may not understand all the spiritual side of life, but you confess that you have sinned, have done wrong. Have you asked Him in that quie

To Do or Not To Do-That Is the Question

 Is your "to do" list longer than your leg? Mine is, and I have long legs! But I want to encourage you to learn to seek a simpler life. Less cluttered, less Facebook, less lost time in digital world. We need you alive and well, here in the present. I don't know about you, but I find a more uninterrupted communication with God smooths the way. Take each day as it comes, but look for God in the midst of it all. Talk with Him about everything as you go through the day. Heck, the rest of the world is out there talking to themselves, you can too! The best thing is to stop trying to fix everything around you. Let God do that, it's like His area of expertise, not yours. Don't let that "to do" list drown you each day. Rather, let God guide you. I don't mean that you don't plan anything...go ahead and plan, but be willing to have it change.  That unexpected phone call, that unplanned visit...on and on, can cause you stress, for sure. I saw something someo