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Silience is Deafening...Say What?

24 hour news cycle, 24 hour shopping centers, 24 hour restaurants, 24 hour traffic, 24 hour lights, music, TV...SHUT UP will ya'!   Ever sit for a quiet moment with all of that stuff shut off? What do we usually say then? "Silence is deafening!" Amazing isn't it. Silence is so unusual in today's industrialized areas, that its presence is felt as if it were still noise. Yikes!   Yet God is always inviting us away for some quiet time with Him. If He speaks in a "still, small voice", then how can we hear Him in a clanging, loud world? Practice honey, practice!   If we let our senses dominate our thinking, the incessant overstimulation won't allow you to focus on the "things unseen". Silence is that buffer zone between the turmoil of the world and the treasures of the Lord. No wonder the old devil is using social media, blasting music, wild videos and video games to distract us. And some foolish people are letting younger and young

Are You Going To Get There?

Ok all you pansies out there that can't take the, I'm not going to make a political statement here. You'll have to go to my Periscope, Twitter or Facebook for that. I want to talk about getting to heaven. Yeah, heaven. You know, that place that some people think doesn't exist. For sure, waiting until you croak is not a good plan, cuz if you're wrong...when you face God, you'll be in diarrhea up to your ears!!   Anyways, if you've ever read in Isaiah 61:10 (that's in the Bible that you don't read), it says, "For God has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness...". WOW, God has given us the pre-reqs to be in His presence. We were all born unclean because of  what Adam did. But in freely accepting God's open gift of salvation in Jesus, we are made clean and given new clothes.   Remember, nothing unclean can be in God's presence. So it's your cleanliness that gets you in, n

Be very afraid, I'm baaaack!!!

YAY--finally fixed and back on...will get a post out real soon to all you Buttercups!