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Make Time, Buttercup!

 I just posted this on Facebook...thought I'd repeat it here: Very important lesson for us all: spend time with God! Just you and Him. Put down the phone the news, the music, the to do list and just sit in His presence. Don't feel guilty about's the most powerful thing you can do every day. God can miraculously work out your "schedule" in and around your intimate time with Him. Talk to Him...complain, rejoice, ask questions, praise Him. Keep going until you long for and cherish those awesome moments with Him. After giving time to God first, I so often find that I end up doing even more in less time. Be careful with being inundated with meaningless works. Someone else's poor decisions don't make it your emergency. God said He would instruct us in the way in which we should go. Let's stick with that. Have an awesome day!