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My Way or the Highway!

What a crappy attitude and outlook has commandeered the public discourse of the day. I have sometimes posted comments or sent along videos on Facebook, and have been creamed for it. I've been called a racist, a bigot, a hater, a self-righteous jackass. Now mind you, I've not posted anything like that, but because someone has a viewpoint different than mine, I'm labeled with vicious, demeaning descriptors. An example was posting something that said if you can protest or riot in person, your can vote in person. It was a VOTING issue I was bringing up. Whoa, did that unleash the comments. A number of people, some I don't know very well, hijacked the comments and away we go...hater, bigot, what are you doing to change the world, etc. The fight then starts between the people commenting on my post! My point today is this... If you disagree with me or anyone else, especially on social media, please use comments that contain facts and not conjecture, none of the "your