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Special Forces Training

 Ever feel like you're being pummeled left and right in life. Just think of the Navy Seals and the Army Special Forces trainees. They go through punishing training days and nights. Physical extremes like we can't imagine. Does the military do that to punish them...of course not. These men and women volunteered to do some of the most dangerous, sacrificial, life-threatening missions to protect the Homeland and those who are in need in far away places. It's like that for those of us who have given over our lives to the Lord. If you are serious with Him, be prepared, for you may go through some rigorous training. You may not have the luxury sometimes of the softer things in life; you may be pushed beyond your limits, physically, mentally and spiritually. But, if you are led by the Spirit of God, it will be for a perfect result.  As I shared with a friend the other day, "You are destined to be a strong warrior in the Lord. Satan knows that, and is badgering you to death. I