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You're Fighting the Wrong Guy!

Whew-what a ride this has been!! Since I was last on here, I've had a couple of hips replaced at the VA Hospital. Great work they did, great care and great results. I'm back at watch out snowflakes!! As anyone who is alive and fairly awake on this planet, you may be noticing quite a shouting match going on between "liberal" and "conservative" ideation and the people espousing those ideas. Now let me remind you folks...stop fighting each other. That's the wrong enemy. That old devil is having a field day in this country right now. The battle over abortion, gender identity, immigration, elections, family values, alternate life styles, gun control, mass shootings. Did I wake up on Mars? Unbeknownst (Duh, look it up) to many young ones today, that is not the America in which I grew up. I walked from the projects where I lived, to school at age 5, by myself, when I missed my little walking group. Try that without a police escort today! Most fa