You're Fighting the Wrong Guy!

Whew-what a ride this has been!! Since I was last on here, I've had a couple of hips replaced at the VA Hospital. Great work they did, great care and great results. I'm back at watch out snowflakes!!

As anyone who is alive and fairly awake on this planet, you may be noticing quite a shouting match going on between "liberal" and "conservative" ideation and the people espousing those ideas. Now let me remind you folks...stop fighting each other. That's the wrong enemy.

That old devil is having a field day in this country right now. The battle over abortion, gender identity, immigration, elections, family values, alternate life styles, gun control, mass shootings. Did I wake up on Mars?

Unbeknownst (Duh, look it up) to many young ones today, that is not the America in which I grew up. I walked from the projects where I lived, to school at age 5, by myself, when I missed my little walking group. Try that without a police escort today!

Most families stayed together and prayed together. Divorce was frowned upon, abortion was not common, sodomy laws were on the books and prayer was in schools. Heck, it was against the law to spit on the sidewalk! As a country, we had just saved the world in World War II, industry was starting to boom again and all looked bright.

Then BAM, the 1960's came along, and under the guise of "freedom", that old devil started his lies and deception again. "Make love not war" was the mantra. Drugs were flowing freely, a hedonistic lifestyle was condoned and encouraged, prayer was removed from the schools, abortion made legal, same sex marriages flooded the courts, no-fault divorce became chic, family is anything you concoct, your gender is anything you want it to be. On and on it goes.

Now, if all of that improved our society...I'd say God was wrong in His directives for living. But when you look at what seniors in high school in the 1940's were doing that brought them into the Principal's office or to their parents vs now...I think you get the picture.
  • 1940's: Chewing gum, talking out of turn, cutting in line, littering and other such horrid offenses!
  • 2019: Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, rape, assault, theft, teen pregnancy, teen suicide etc.
Stop fighting each other, the real enemy is the immorality that has crept into the fabric of our lives. It's the morality, stupid...not just the economy or the politics. God help us all.


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