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No Whining...Get To It!

It is a hard thing to do to rejoice when everything is falling apart or not going our way. It's not a joke, or something casual. It is a practicing that puts us IN God's presence. That's where the peace and wisdom comes from to get through the challenge...or even just a tough day. Pray, work, rest...repeat. Now, go get to it!!

Change Ain't Just Coins!

 Nobody likes to change. We think we're just's everybody else that has the problem. We pray for others to be kinder, to get a life, to get off our back and on and on. All very normal...that is if you're living with the broken "Adam nature" ruling instead of God's nature. P.S. You can't have the God nature rule if you've never asked Him to come into your life and heart and forgive you...but that's for another blog! Back to the change problem...We always need to check what we pray for. We may ask God to remove something that He wants us to fight! So often, we want God to do everything. Well...He's not broken...WE are. We need to change, not Him. He doesn't need the practice...WE do. We have to practice asking Him for peace, strength and comfort within. Waiting is always hard but if we hand Him a set of blueprints for our lives that we designed, we'll always be disappointed because He has something better. He's not building t