Are You Going To Get There?

Ok all you pansies out there that can't take the, I'm not going to make a political statement here. You'll have to go to my Periscope, Twitter or Facebook for that. I want to talk about getting to heaven. Yeah, heaven. You know, that place that some people think doesn't exist. For sure, waiting until you croak is not a good plan, cuz if you're wrong...when you face God, you'll be in diarrhea up to your ears!!
Anyways, if you've ever read in Isaiah 61:10 (that's in the Bible that you don't read), it says, "For God has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness...". WOW, God has given us the pre-reqs to be in His presence. We were all born unclean because of  what Adam did. But in freely accepting God's open gift of salvation in Jesus, we are made clean and given new clothes.
Remember, nothing unclean can be in God's presence. So it's your cleanliness that gets you in, not your good works. Whoa, in that light, "washed in the blood of Jesus" starts to take on some pretty deep meaning. Do you really understand just how very much God loves you? He wants to embrace you, to protect you, to provide for you.
So what do we do? We take our dirty little Adam nature to try to accomplish the clean works of God and always end up with a stained and broken result. Then, to top it all off, we blame God for it all.
Lay it down pal, give it up, stop being the God in your life and come into the clean light of the real God.
What are you waiting for? Go on...give your heart to Him, get His nature inside of you, not just in your head. In your head is just information, but voluntarily invite Jesus into your heart...that's transformation!


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