Alone But Not Lonely

 I'm going to continue sharing some of the wise things God has me share with others in replying to their cry for help. If it helps others, it just might help you...

Years ago, I asked the Lord why so many jerks and miserable people came across my path. He told me I couldn't learn to love the unlovable unless they were right there in front of me. And believe me, I've had lots of practice.

And sometimes, in a search for a friend or close relationship, people will compromise their belief system or even their spiritual foundation, just to have someone around. It's not good to act one way to attract someone and then not be the real you. Rather, just relax. Being alone doesn't have to mean being lonely.

Keep developing your best in Christ. Stop looking to the details of your life to give you peace and happiness. Ain't gonna happen, people! 

And you surely don't want to be in a close relationship or want to be married if you're still bleeding all over the place from past wounds. And we do have tendency to bleed on those who have not wounded us, thus complicating things. 

Stay clear of past problems, stay clean in the Lord by reading and LIVING His word. Get involved in helping others and your mind and focus off of yourself. Go for it...I dare you!


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