Take That Hill, Soldier!!

 In a recent conversation with a Veteran friend, some wisdom actually flew out of my mouth! Must have been God, if it was wise!! I always did say, "Your best day with me...is when I'm not me!"

So I thought I'd share this with you, I said...

"Your road is tougher than many, but will make you stronger. When the snowflakes faint to the side, we'll be able to keep going. Breathe, let God's perfect flow come from you today, not the hurt, 'you owe me', imperfect part come forth.

Fight it with all your might. Our greatest battles are with ourselves, not others. God is with you."

That may have been hard for that person to hear, but they totally agreed, noting that the ego is the problem (Edging God Out). That Vet went on to say that humility, through service and sacrifice to others is key. Easier said than done!

There...now get up and get going. No crying and whimpering, Buttercup! Just do it.


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