Dude-You're in a Sexual Sewer and Don't Know It!

Author Philip Yancey once wrote, "A society that denies the supernatural usually ends up elevating the natural to the supernatural status." No truer words!!
Young people today practically worship their icons in music, TV, movies and sports. What they don't know, is that they're trying to fill a vacuum in their souls that only God can fill. Hey, I hear you laughing out there...hold it down. It's true, whether you like it or not.
An area of concern and rapid change is sex...it is idolized to the point that many young boys think sex is what you do to show power and control or to be coolest kid (or whatever your word for "cool" is). And sadly, many of our girls just think they are a piece of meat for the boys to do with as they want, in order to be liked and accepted. Unfortunately, their books, movies, music often reflect the sewer level of sex instead of the sacred level it should be.
The songs have gone from "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", to "Havin' My Baby" to "Do Yo' Ho". The sexual sewer our young people are swimming in will not bode well for their stability and success. And the sad part is that they don't even smell the crap they're swimming in!
Sex to them has almost become divine, as previously mentioned. This is especially so in our modern Western culture. They don't realize that previous generations actually honored virginity and celibacy. There were chaperones at all levels of couples' interactions; families were well involved and before there were any sexual liaisons, there was marriage, predicated on a plan to start a home, with all the supplies and steady income needed to maintain that stability.
Far cry from that, for many today. Now sex is used to sell everything from Coke to toothpaste and is at dog level in our youth culture. I'm not talking about a bunch of prudish rules here...back off. There is just no wisdom in a 14 year old fathering a child! No car, no job, no home, no skills, no education. What a mess to bring a kid into. And yet no one connects the dots. A few at the top are making millions, selling this trash life style to those at the bottom who, if they don't change, will stay at the bottom of society. Sex, alcohol and drugs are in our middle schools. God help us!!
Wake up people. God isn't the Puritanical old fart that the godless portray Him to be. He is loving and wants you to have the best life possible, where you are. He CAN make that happen, but not if you keep doing "your thing" and don't follow His directions. Ask Him into your soul to be the King of your heart. He'll help you to be able to pull away from pornography and screwing around with everything that walks your way. He'll bring you up to a higher level of life, where your true gifts, not just the low level groveling, will rule. Trust me...God can and will do this. He only needs your permission. DO IT!
Well, don't just stand there like a jerk...get back to your workout. Check you later.


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