What a God We Serve

Geez, Louise...life can get hectic sometime. What a ride it's been. Went hiking on the Appalachian Trail last week and came back with an aggravated sciatic nerve problem. All in God's good timing, I'll be back out in the fight. In the meantime, I'm going a bit slower...and that includes my blog. So, hang on...here we go again!
Ever notice that God seems a reluctant intervener? He moves with what seems to us, in agonizing slowness. Jesus had this "selective intervention" too. He wasn't a walking cure dispenser but rather every miracle was given as a sign of God's will; a word picture in our lives.
When He told the world that true worshippers would worship Him in Spirit and in truth, He was re-defining "church". That statement took God's presence out of a building and put it into us, His people. Priests and temples had served their purpose, harbingers of what was to come. He never intended for His people to sit under stifling rules of order of service or required ablutions and ceremonial traditions, but rather a gathering of Spirit filled and Spirit led people who would do those things in His order and in His time. He desires that we continue what we should be doing all day, every day...worshipping God and having communion with Him, whether in "church" or not.
God doesn't want "church" between you and Him. Jesus made it so you can have a direct relationship with God...to love Him and know that He loves you. What a God we serve!
Miracles small and large abound. The godless world calls them circumstances or coincidences. No way! Just a couple of days ago I was at the local VA hospital emergency room struggling with that painful nerve problem. Well, as my ride pulled over to the curb in front of the hospital, there just happened to be a wheelchair right there...no searching, no waiting required. Especially important when I was in such pain.
In addition to that little "God wink", the doctor that tended to me was also a hiker (yeah, right, another coincidence) and we were able to share some common challenges in hiking. He confirmed that the ascents and boulders I climbed were most likely the culprit in aggravating the nerve tract. See what I mean...what a God we serve!
An ever growing, intimate relationship with the awesome God we serve will delight you. God often whispers to us, putting ideas into our minds, alerting us to our subtle sins (judgment, jealousy, selfishness etc.). He exposes temptations for what they are and stirs us up to get beyond them and help others by shedding His love to all.
Yeah, that's the kind of God we have. Not an old, crabby, Puritanical Prude up there, just waiting for us to fail so He can squash us like a bug. No way. That is a lie out of hell. God is a loving God; wooing you back to Him through Jesus. Adam caused us to be snatched and torn away from God, and Jesus "mends" us back to Him. Don't listen to Satan's "fake news". God has not abandoned you; He is not a wrathful, revenge filled God. He is loving, kind, merciful and wants to call you friend...not some distant slave.
Suck it up...told you this was a tough workout! Spend time in prayer, in conversation with Him. Acknowledge Him all day, every day and truly learn...What a God We Serve!!!

Don't just stand there...get going!


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