Hey--wake up!! Time for that Crossfit workout for your soul. 

Look--we all have problems, unless of course you live in a fantasy world like the kids' movie, Lion King, that came out years ago. In that movie they sang the song that said, "Gut not worries, mahn, it's a problem free philosophy, Hakunah Mattatah." Yeah, right. In the real world you're constantly surrounded by worries and challenges. Not too much a problem free existence, heh?

So how can you enter the "rest" of God when the wart hog keeps singing that fantasy song in your head as you slog through life? Well, you won't be able to, because that song is not true. It's not what's around you that gives you life, strength, joy etc. It's what's IN you that does, that is, if that thing in you is Jesus. God tells us to trust HIM to show you the way to go; and that is the true rescue from the deepest well.

Our error is that we try to "rest in Him" only when the world's struggles prove too much to carry alone. When it's a real mess, then we press in and gather up everyone we know to "pray hard". Sure, that's like not doing any push ups for ten years and all of a sudden you want to do 50! Ain't gonna work! God is telling us that if we pressed in to Him with the same eagerness for His companionship and friendship in daily dialogue, as we do for His rescue, that many of those same difficulties might not even be there. Duh--now that's a better philosophy, for sure!

Seek God early, before getting crowded out by life's pleasures and problems. Then and only then can you belt out that song, "Gut no worries, mahn!" What are you waiting for, get going on this workout. Sweat it out, I'll check in on you later.


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