Listen up class...

Having trouble forgiving? Having trouble disciplining yourself, loving the unlovable; failing in your marriage, at your business, with your kids? Of course you are. You're trying to do a "God" thing with a "goofy" thing...YOU. We were all born with a broken nature because of what Adam did, so stop wagging your finger at God. He's not the bad guy here. He actually loves you, even when other don't. He wants you for His own and will chase you til the end of your days.

I suggest you don't wait that long, because He really wants to help you here, so you won't stumble bumble your way into hell. Yes, I said hell. A real place and a real consequence of not doing the Crossfit for your soul! But let's not go there (forgive the pun!). You can't fix what's broken, only He can...duh, so let Him in. He won't force Himself on you, nope...invite only, and you have to do the inviting.

He wrote a best seller too. It's called the Bible-read it. Yes, I said "Read it". Start with the New Testament; that tells you about the new covenant. What do you mean you don't know what I'm talking about? Are you that out of shape? Geesh-we have a lot of work to do! The Old Testament tells us about all the directions from the Patriarchs, the Judges, the Prophets etc...all of which humankind tended to fail. God even wrote some directions down in stone. Only ten for crying out loud, and we can't even do that much! 

And it's not because they are so hard to follow, it's just that we're trying to climb Mt Everest in a wheelchair, so to speak. Of course we're failing. We're trying to do the God stuff with the goofy stuff! The only way to make this work is to change out the old 1960's, burning oil, falling apart VW motor of a soul you were born with and ask Jesus inside. Hey you...get back here, we're not finished our workout yet. If you ask Jesus inside, it's like getting a Jaguar motor--now you can climb that hill, and anything else God directs you to do. 

The New Testament tells of a new and living way...a new covenant with God, made by Jesus. Yes, Jesus, who is more than just a curse word. Don't get lost here, just follow along. In Jesus Christ you can follow the directions for a better life. You can override that broken nature and get a new one that will let you accomplish what you never could before. 

Crossfit for your soul is simple, but tough because you have to put away your pride and all the crazy ideas about God that you've heard from everyone else but Him. And even when you ask Him inside, you still have your stupid habits and a mind full of crap that has to change over time. You can do this. Humble your ego down, admit that He's God and you're not and ask Him to forgive you and start you on the journey you've been trying to travel all these years. 

Quit crying pajama boy, suck it up Buttercup and come back tomorrow, or whenever I post another class. Or else just go whining back to your mommy. Naw-You have what it takes, you'll be back!


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