I'm a bit late in getting this out. My sister Barbara and her husband Joe have been visiting from Atlanta. They are both retired and are trying to teach me how to relax...not working...oh, well!

Just wanted to remind any of you sissy pants out there, that in all likelihood, you're gonna get up today and then lie back down tonight (Lie, lay...whatever, don't have a grammar freak out!). What happens between point A and B is, for the most part, not in your control. But the path you take through it is.

You're either going to groan and moan, fumbly bumbling by yourself, depending on your feelings or what you think or what you want. Joke's on you. May you be reminded that what you got from Adam (remember him?) is a broken thinker, feeler and wanter!

You can use the broken part of you (don't try this at home) or, if Christ is in you, you can use the perfect parts in Jesus...the perfect mind (the Father), the perfect will (the Son) and the perfect emotions (the Spirit). Let the path between point A and B be one of leaning on the Lord, so when the difficulties come, and they will come, you can face them with God at your side and not so far away.

Go to it...with all your might. Whew--what a workout!!


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