All right team...get ready for another workout! 

Just because the Lord is in your head doesn't mean He is in your heart! That's just information, not transformation. Many people do acknowledge His existence (isn't that nice of them). But that only means they know about Him, they don't really "know" Him. 

Do you really know Jesus? Have you taken that one precious moment in time to bend the knee of your heart and acknowledge that you just might be wrong and He is right? Have you asked for His forgiveness and invite His perfect nature to come inside of you? You may get pretty frustrated not being able to meet His standard, but could that be because you are trying to do the "God thing" with the broken "Adam nature". Ain't going to work, dar-dar! 

Switch out your religion for relationship...get Him out of your head and let Him slip into your heart. He loves you so much...for real! He wants to be your closest friend, not just some acquaintance. So get to it...don't just stand there...get your Crossfit for the soul going. This will hurt sometimes, but suck it up, Buttercup! Worth every minute of it!! See you next workout.


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