Hey-You Have a Leak in Your Bucket!

Are you a rain barrel or a sieve? Ever see a rain barrel; it doesn't fill itself, it has to have a flow come to it. When full, there's plenty of water, sometimes to overflowing. But if you put a sieve on the same drain spout, the water would just leak out all over and never be there for you or for anyone else's use.

Are you like that? God is flowing all the time, but you're never full of His love, joy, peace, forgiveness, gentleness etc. It's like you have a leak in your bucket. And you know what, God is so very wise. He never wastes anything and He's certainly not stupid. Oh, you'll get His mercy, alright but He won't pour His blessings into a bucket with holes in it!

Disobedience to His directions (modern way of saying SIN), is the hole in your bucket. Stop poking holes with your disobedience. And stop whining that it's too hard, or that you didn't understand. Read the play book (Bible), listen to the referee (Jesus) when He calls the foul on you and get on with the game of life!

Plug up the holes with repentance and obedience to His directions and watch how you will be filled to overflowing; plenty for you and others too. Oh...you don't believe what I just said...well, go on then with a bucket with a hole in it...but please...stop your whining!! Well, at least tone it down a bit while the rest of us enjoy the game. Go on now...get going with your workout.


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